Nayeli means I love you.


Nayeli loves to be unique.


Nayeli is outgoing, people tend to trust her easily.


If you meet a Nayeli you’re lucky.


Nayeli is a type of girl who loves to sing.


Nayeli means “I love you.”

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Here are nine source materials now being used by vegan-leather startups that are poised to take the fashion world by storm.


“Nayeli is a beautiful girl.

Normally hangs out around boys.

Likes to play with bb guns.

At school she hangs out with girls.

Known as a badass rebel.”

#synonyms: beautiful#smart#badass

by DREAMER November 30, 2014 | Urban Dictionary


“Nayeli is a beautiful girl. She has lots of friends. She is the best girlfriend a guy could have. Best French kisser…

A lot of guys will ask her out but she is loyal to her guy. She’s such a Nayeli.”

##thick #cute #fighter #loyal #funny #lotsoffriends

by Shely101 December 22, 2016 | Urban Dictionary


“Beautiful, funny girl that catches attention by many. Is outgoing, people tend to trust her easily, very unique just like her name so if you know a Nayeli you’re lucky!”

by Kat.22 August 04, 2015 | Urban Dictionary


“…maybe one of your realist friends you will ever have. She knows how to joke around and is loud… carries a nasty attitude and speaks her mind. If you meet a Nayeli you’re lucky!”

Nayeli loud asf yo! Thats ma girl

by realistbih September 14, 2016 | Urban Dictionary


“Nayeli is a type of girl who loves to sing,

loves to read, loves animals,

loves her friends and family, loves anime,

and loves to be unique.”

Wow Mikayla you are a real Nayeli”
“Thank you, you too”

by Leli_Jimenez October 03, 2015 | Urban Dictionary