The Okanogan Family Faire, locally known as “Barter Faire,” happens annually in Northern Washington, and attracts thousands of people from across the state to trade goods and produce. It is usually in late October, which means very cold nights, and large bonfires. For the most part all the vendors camp at their booth site, and we were not the exception. The day we arrived it was raining, we arranged a creative tarp-covered camping space with our neighbor, Dark Duck Ceramics, and got ready to show our clothing the next day.

silhouette at Nayeli Clothing booth

Our lovely gold mannequin stood guard outside our booth, and marked our spot in the giant straw-covered maze of vendors and activities at the festival.

To fully appreciate Barter Faire, you have to go there. It is a creative festival experience somewhat like Burning Man, but with a vendor focus to buy or trade goods, and much COLDER temperatures.

Part of the charm is that you have to survive the elements as a community.? Everyone is in it together. It is a big party and a big discount trade opportunity.

Day one: We wanted to see what this group of people thought about our products, and we learned a lot. It was great to see the reactions to our samples, and we surveyed lots of visitors, and got some to pose for much-needed clothing photographs.

The second day started with snow. Yes, it snowed for three hours, then it rained. But our spirits were high because it was the first snow of the year! Our garments also had a cold-weather functionality, and it was a great chance to test everything out. Sarah’s Hooded Scarves were not only cool to look at, but they really worked well when combined with a hat to keep off the rain and snow. And our Men’s Rainproof Sweaters proved waterproof for hours in the cold Fall weather.


I loved the way the Hooded Scarves added instant color and an artistic style to an otherwise plain outfit.

One of the best things that happened on Day 3 was when a woman came by and wanted to buy the only sample of our Huggable Hemp Vests. I told her I needed to photograph it and it was the last sample, but she loved it so much she had to have it. So I asked her to model it, and asked to find a man to model it too. I discovered how versatile the vest really was when it fit her and her husband! The hemp fleece in the garment has a stretch that worked for them both.

huggable-vest-woman Huggable Vest unisex design will stretch to fit most figure shapes.

Festival style is unique, creative and so much fun! We are excited to be a part of it with our venture at Nayeli Clothing. Thank you to all the Barter Faire people who tried on our samples, gave us feedback and contact info, and even posed for photos. We appreciate your support as we launch our new company.

We love you!